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Delivering the project is not the end.

Actually, it is only just the beginning.

Parlour Care is an all-encompassing solution that keeps your machine well-oiled. And more!

It is our flagship subscription-based service, which has helped many of our clients sleep well at night. Parlour Care delivers performance reports, monitors your website, lets you use our support 24/7, book consultations with us, and deliver hot-fixes. Parlour Care is an ever-expanding product with new features being added every month. All the services and pricing models which Parlour Care consists of can be found below.

Parlour Care works through a dedicated panel, via which you are able to send issue tickets to our team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also monitor the progress of your issue through an account assigned to you.

All Parlour Care+ users have access to our ‘helpline’ in case an emergency arises. 

Why do you need assistance?

Never lose a client

Nobody likes when their website crashes. Parlour Care offers a solution to that. We monitor your website 24/7 and fix it the second something suspicious happens. You will never lose a client due to your site displaying a server error again.

Be reliable

Always be there for your clients to deliver the best experience possible. Enable your clients to rely on you.

Improve performance

Parlour CARE delivers automated weekly performance reports powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. This way you can see which areas you need to improve in order to engage with clients more efficiently.



User action recordings

Google Analytics

Facebook Pixel

Weekly reports

Billed monthly or yearly



Dedicated support

Weekly performance reports

Billed monthly lub yearly


User action recordings

8 hours fix time

Assigned support engineer

24/7 support



Dedicated support

Weekly performance reports

Billed monthly or yearly

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Decidated support
Weekly performance reports
Weekly analytic reports
Billed monthly or yearly
User action recordings
8 hour fix time
Decidated support engineer
24/7 support

Analytic reports

Parlour CARE+

Performance reports

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