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Blockchain isn't just for IT companies

We cover everything that you need in order to launch your innovative project. While Parlour Development's primary services lie in blockchain technology, we find ourselves comfortable working in every environment. If your web3 project needs a landing page or a mobile app, we can, and will provide you with help. While working on our project we use state-of-the-art solutions, which include: Solidity, React Native or Tailwind. Our own open-source software has been used by thousands of projects all over the world.


The perfect place to implement peer-to-peer blockchain transactions

How ECAT transformed eCommerce with NFTs

Ecat, a leading company in the Polish eCommerce industry, decided to adopt blockchain and NFTs into their business model. Their marketplace - Aderlo, was a perfect place to test blockchain solutions. That’s how the Aderlo NFT app was born.

Aderlo NFT lets users mint the products they bought on the marketplace. That way, clients can track the history behind each product. Users can also review each vendor through their wallets.

Parlour also partnered with Ecat by creating Aderlo Cashback Coin. ACC lets Aderlo clients gain cashback that is tradeable on various exchanges. The price of the token is determined not only by traditional supply and demand mechanisms but also by the discounts and bonuses it offers. The higher the discounts, the higher price of the token.

Real Estate

The new generation of real estate investing

A tokenized building in Dubai

As everyone knows, the real estate market is growing faster and faster each year. While it is obvious that the land and the apartments themselves reach exorbitant prices, it is not so rare to see the right to preemption itself being sold for tens of thousands of dollars.

For example, in Dubai, a common sight is seeing people lining up in multi-hour queues so that they can buy a right to preemption for their client. This creates a vacuum for a market on which those rights could be sold. Unfortunately, one could find enormous difficulty while creating such a market (regulations, no platform for such a product).

Now imagine an NFT granting an individual the right to preemption. Such an individual could hold that NFT both as an investment and as a tool guaranteeing access to his dreamt-of apartment. The developer delivering the building could then easily create a community around the owners of those tokens.


Using blockchain solutions to create better and more engaging products

Subscription model, but better

More and more people are having their supplements delivered. Sometimes things don't work out, and the customers dislike the product. In that case, they can either refund the service (if possible) or never buy anything else from the supplements provider.

Now imagine such a subscription as a club membership. Members of such a club would be entitled to all benefits about which we talked above. That membership could also be billed annually. But how does it solve the ‘disappointment problem’? Here come the NFTs. In recent years, non-fungible tokens have proved to be the best solution for creating various membership clubs.

As we know, buying and selling NFTs is extremely easy. One could create an app, which would automatically ask for a delivery address while transferring the NFT from one person to another. Also, when a user resells their NFT, the original creator (supplements provider) receives a cut from that sale. This way we create a subscription model that benefits both the producer and the consumer.