NFT Collections

Launch an NFT Collection and make it great.

What makes a good NFT collection?

There are thousands of NFT collection on OpenSea (an NFT marketplace), yet only a fraction of them manages to sell out.

What distinguished a great collection from a bad one is utility. Utility is the real world usage of an NFT token. It is often being a part of a community, getting some stuff for free or having a character in a video game.

Benefits of creating an NFT collection

Get financing

Creating an NFT collection is the new way to get financing for your project, without losing equity and involving VCs. Do it the new way.

Build community

It is also a great way to build a community of dedicated fans around your brand. Your NFT holders will be loyal to your brand and will support it.

Think of utility

It is the core of every collection. The best way to start an NFT collection is to find a way how to provide real value to the holders.

We will create the smart contract

Every NFT collection needs a least one smart contract. Smart contract are the programs that live on the blockchain. We will take care of that for you, from coding, to thorough testing and auditing.

Sell the collection

With a solid utility it's a matter of good audience reach before your collection sells out. Our network of NFT marketing professionals will certainly help you achieve that!

Not sure how to start?

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