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You DON'T ❌ need VC funding to launch your own blockchain startup

By Karol Proksa

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1/ Create a token

Tokens are great assets for funding your own blockchain startup. You will be the one that decides the supply and sells the token to investors. 

One benefit of that is the fact that crypto investors will more likely invest in a token rather than stock. ⤵️

This is a huge advantage, because tokens are easier to sell and save you the legal hassle ⚖️.

2/ Create an NFT collection

NFTs are tokens that are non-fungible. This means that each one is unique and they're not interchangeable. $1 is always equal to $1 or 1 Bitcoin is always 1 Bitcoin, but that's not the case with NFTs. ⤵️

You can think of NFTs just like you would think about art 🖼️. Mona Lisa is not in any way equal to The Starry Night and therefore they cannot be exchanges 1:1.

Today, NFTs are mostly used to grant holders great utility and additional value. Another great benefit of NFTs is building community. Almost every NFT project has some devoted believers that support the vision and want to be a part of it.

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