Smart contract audits

Protect your smart contracts from costly vulnerabilities. Don't take the risk.

$150 millions were stolen because of a smart contract vulnerability.

In 2016, The DAO was hacked just after finishing its token sale which raised $150 million. That event nearly destroyed Ethereum network and resulted in a soft fork to prevent the attack.

As you can see, smart contract attack can be quite costly.

How the $150 million attack could've been prevented?

At the core of it lied a fatal vulnerability in the smart contract code. The flaw was noticed by an attacker that then decided to use it for their own advantage.

A thorough smart contract audit conducted by a professional blockchain company would easily notice the problem and fix it.

Smart contract audits are cheap compared to the potential losses from an attack.

It is heavily advised that all smart contracts published on the Ethereum network are professionally audited to prevent fraud and ensure the safety of funds.

As we learned from The DAO, the cost of hiring a company for a smart contract audit is nothing compared to the $150 million loss.

Smart contract audits are important

Safety of funds

If you create a flawed smart contract and your customers lose all their money, you can be sure that they will never trust you again. A thorough smart contract audit ensures the safety of users' funds.

User confidence

Your users will notice and appreciate if the smart contract was audited by an external company. Their confidence will have a big impact on how much they interact with it.

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