Meet the team.

Antoni Kiszka

Founder & CTO

Resident visionary at Parlour. Fascinated with software systems, cryptography, and literature.

Always on the lookout for new ideas to build.

[email protected]

Karol Proksa

Founder & CEO

The creator and godfather of Parlour. AI and blockchain enthusiast using the technology to create meaningful projects.

Sometimes an architect.

[email protected]

Kuba Machnicki

Founder & COO

Professionaly makes Parlour a well-oiled machine. Privately blasts music of Michael Gira and Shostakovich every day.

Also fan of Aristotle, Kubrick and Orwell.

[email protected]

Mateusz Samin

Fullstack Developer

Mateusz Kelner

Fullstack Developer, also CEO/Founder at