Get financing for your business by releasing your own token.

The better way to get financing.

Blockchain introduced the opportunity to get funding for your business without loans, angel investors or Venture Capital.

Nowadays, a very popular way to get the funds is to create a token for your company. A token might offer you the capital, without the legal hassle, losing equity and being limited by investors.

How will your token work?

The most important aspect of launching a token is figuring out its utility. Utility is simply how the users will be able to use the token and its core value.

Tokens can also be used inside of your products' ecosystem, for example using tokens as cashback points in eCommerce.

There is also a different way to attach value to your token. Many companies started sharing their revenue with token holders. In that case token works like stock, giving its holders similar benefits. This is great utility and an easier way to invest in a company, but it comes with strings attached. When token has that or similar utility, it may be regared as a security from the legal perspective. It depends on law in your region, but it is certainly something you should keep in mind.

Think of utility

Think how holders could benefit from owning your token and what value it gives them. Make sure to attach real value to the asset, besides it being a token. Real world utility is now what sells tokens and makes them an interesting from the investor's perspective.

We will create tokenomics

After coming up with an idea for your token, contact us and we will design its tokenomics and flows. This is the essential price that will determine the token's price, supply, inflation and much more!

We will code the smart contract

From the technical perspective, tokens are programs that live on the blockchain. After attaching utility to the token and designing tokenomics, we will code the token and publish it to blockchain.

A free call to talk about your idea for a token

Contact us and let's talk about your business and how it could create its token.