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Blockchain technology can help you solve various business issues. Getting financing for your business can be very difficult at times using traditional methods. Launching your own token or NFT collection can enable you to get the capital you need as well as share your venture with a community of blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world.

Launching NFTs can create a long-lasting bond between you and your customer base. Providing your non-fungible tokens with utility will grant you customer loyalty and high return rate.

By definition, blockchain is a global endeavour without borders. Use it to make your business global and reach new audience. The possibilities are endless!

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During the Discovery Call, we get to know each other. You describe your problem, we answer all your questions while telling you what we can do in order to overcome your obstacle. Of course, the Discovery Call is 100% free and scheduled for a time which is convenient for you.

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After investigating your problem and coming up with potential solutions, we send you an individually tailored offer. In the offer, we identify your essential needs and how we can satisfy them. We describe all the processes we will employ while delivering your project.

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Parlour starts working on your project the second we’ve come to an agreement. We give you 24/7 access to the work being done while assigning you a Project Patron, who can answer all your questions down the road.

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Software we built


The blockchain social media

The project consisted of designing and coding a social media platform integrated with the blockchain. Integration with the MetaMask wallet lets users put their posts on blockchain or mint them as NFTs. Because Kolor is a dapp, we had to ensure a certain level of decentralization. This was a whole new challenge, given that decentralized technologies integrated with blockchain are at a very early stage of development. Because of that, we had to resort to creating our own, innovative methods.

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A mobile app for ordering services

The project consisted of creating a mobile app, which lets users offer and use various services. PukPuk was created from scratch by us. The work began from creating a few mockups of the app, in order to choose the proper visual identification. We settled on a UI which was based on bright colors, with strong orange accents. That way, the entirety was consistent with the PukPuk logo. Simultaneously, work began on implementing the front-end and the back-end.

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