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The Problem

The client for this case study is a micro-sized blockchain startup that enables its users to invest in multiple blockchain projects at once. The company was established around a year ago and has since grown steadily, expanding its operations to serve many clients. We were contacted through our website. Time between initial contact and signing the deal was no more than 2 weeks. Project was to be delivered in a 2 month's window.

The Project

The project consisted of developing and launching a Dayvidende token - $DVE. The token is much more complex than the traditional ERC20 token. Its features consist among others of: three-level affiliate program, dynamic fees, and distributing the rewards (the dividend) each day. We were also responsible for designing and developing the website on which said token will be sold.

Designing the look and feel

The design process for the project involved multiple stages of research, ideation, and testing. Our in-house graphic designer conducted extensive research on similar websites and competitors in the industry to understand the design trends and user expectations. The designer also conducted user testing to gather feedback on different design options and ensure that the final design was intuitive and easy to use. After gathering all the necessary information, the designer presented several design concepts to the client, and after multiple revisions and iterations, the current design was chosen as it perfectly encapsulated what the project needed - a slick, minimalistic, intuitive interface. The green color used in the logo was chosen to convey the association with money, and the gradient added a modern touch. Similarly, the mix of darker grays in the background was chosen to evoke a feeling of professionalism, which is crucial for such a project.

Challenges of Optimizing Gas Fees

One of the biggest challenges the team faced during the development phase was optimizing the gas fees, as the dynamic fees feature required a lot of computation. Gas fees are the transaction fees paid by users to the Binance network, and they can significantly impact the performance and cost of the token. To overcome this challenge, the team had to find creative solutions to minimize the gas fees without compromising the functionality of the token. One approach used was to optimize the gas usage by consolidating multiple transactions into a single transaction. Another approach was to implement off-chain computations to reduce the computation needed for dynamic gas fees.

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project images

Front-end development

React.js and Node.js were chosen for the project due to their ability to deliver fast, responsive, and scalable web applications. The front-end team used React.js to build the website, enabling a smooth and interactive user experience. React's virtual DOM enables faster rendering and updating of the website, and the component-based architecture allows for easier maintenance and scalability.

The front-end development process focused on creating a seamless and intuitive user experience. The team carefully crafted the website's user interface to ensure that it was easy to navigate and visually appealing. The use of React.js allowed for the creation of reusable components that enhanced the website's performance and scalability. The team also optimized the website for fast loading speeds, achieved through various techniques such as code minification and image compression. Additionally, the team implemented various features such as animations and hover effects to enhance user engagement, adding an extra layer of interactivity to the website. Overall, the front-end development process was crucial in creating a website that provided a seamless and engaging user experience.

Back-end development

The back-end team used Node.js to develop the smart contracts that power the Dayvidende token. Node.js is well-suited for building real-time and high-performance applications, making it an ideal choice for blockchain development. The use of Node.js allowed for efficient processing of blockchain transactions and enabled the development of complex features such as dynamic gas fees.

To ensure that the website and token were fully functional, several APIs were integrated into the project. For instance, the team integrated a cryptocurrency price API to enable real-time price tracking of the Dayvidende token. The team also integrated an Binance node API to allow for seamless interaction with the Binance blockchain. Additionally, the team integrated a payment gateway API to enable users to purchase the Dayvidende token directly from the website.

What we delivered

We wrote a sophisticated, complex smart contract enabling users to invest and farm yeild. We designed and created a user-friendly interface on which the token can be bought. Parlour delivered the product on-time, within the budget and encompassing all the features envisioned by the client.


In conclusion, the project was successfully delivered with a sleek and intuitive website design, powered by the Dayvidende token and supported by various APIs. The use of React.js and Node.js enabled the team to develop a fast and scalable web application, while the integration of APIs enhanced the functionality and user experience. Despite the challenges faced during the optimization of gas fees, the team was able to find creative solutions that ensured the smooth functioning of the Dayvidende token. The first phase of the project proved to be so successful, that we are already in talks of delivering the second phase. The project has finished another successful round of funding - we were told that what Parlour delivered was crucial for investors. Both parties are looking forward to cooperating again in the future.

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kasia mecinski

Kasia Mecinski

Co-founder & CEO at TOFU Media

Parlour Development's team is not only knowledgeable and skilled in their field, but also dedicated and responsive to their clients. They take the time to understand our needs and goals to ensure that the final product meets and exceeds our expectations.

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thomas kamynski

Thomas Kamynski

CEO at XVR Project System

Working with Parlour Development was a fantastic experience. They delivered an exceptional product, and were always available to answer our questions. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for blockchain development.

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jakub kobosko

Jakub Kobosko

CEO at Planetary Partyverse

Given that we really were low on time, we decided to contact Parlour. Everything that the project consisted of, from legal process to actual development, was delivered extremely swiftly. Collaborating with such a team always brings results.

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grzegorz ciupek

Gregory Ciupek

CEO at ECAT eCommerce

Parlour not only developed our product, but also helped us understand different approaches to launching an NFT app. I am looking forward to working with them again!

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Everything that the project consisted of, from legal process to actual development,
was delivered extremaly swiftly

Jakub Kobosko

CEO at Planetary Partyverse

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How Parlour helped us generate $250 000 from token presale

I made the decision to finance the further development of Aderlo marketplace using a dedicated token. Parlour was the contractor that walked us through the process, from designing tokenomics to a successful launch on Binance Smart Chain.

They are experts in this field and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to launch a cryptocurrency token. I mostly appreciate their success-oriented approach. When they decided to work with us, they were fully commited to making the launch an unquestionable success.
Together, we managed to raise $250 000 in just 30 days.

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Gregory Ciupek

CEO at ECAT eCommerce

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