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Aderlo NFT - blockchain in the online marketplace

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The Problem

Ecat, a leading company in the Polish e-commerce industry, decided to launch their own marketplace - Aderlo. As a forward-thinking and modern company, they embraced blockchain solutions throughout their business operations. For instance, a significant portion of their funding came from an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). After launching Aderlo, Ecat discovered that many users desired cryptocurrency and NFT integration in the marketplace. Consequently, the team brainstormed and identified an innovative use case for blockchain technology in their platform. NFTs, which primarily serve as digital proof of ownership, can be effectively utilized to verify users and the authenticity of items.

Project Initiation

Ecat discovered us through referrals and our mutual network. They invited us to participate in their comprehensive brainstorming sessions, during which we discussed the necessary components to launch the project. Both teams collaborated to design the entire user experience of minting an NFT from a physical object. Another aspect of the project was the creation of the Aderlo Cashback Coin (ACC), an innovative financial product. Details on ACC are provided below.

Aderlo Cashback Coin

Aderlo Cashback Coin (ACC) is a groundbreaking product that combines traditional cashback systems with blockchain technology. ACC is a token that users receive when they connect their wallets and make purchases on Aderlo. Notably, ACC distinguishes itself from conventional cashback coins as it is listed on DEXes and can be bought and sold. Many cashback token users often find themselves needing to purchase unwanted products to redeem their cashback. However, with ACC, users can buy the difference in-app or on DEXes. Conversely, if they do not wish to use their coins, they can sell them. The value of the coin relies not only on the traditional supply-demand mechanism but also on the discounts it offers. Our team was responsible for developing the tokenomics and programming of ACC.


Like many other applications, the Aderlo NFT app comprises three main screens. From left to right, users can: interact with their NFTs, mint new NFTs, and utilize their ACC tokens. We designed the app to maintain consistency with Aderlo's design language. This was achieved through close collaboration with Ecat's in-house UX/UI team, resulting in the predominant use of blue and orange colors.


The core of the app was developed using React Native, ensuring smooth performance on both iOS and Android devices. Blockchain back-end functionality was managed by Ethers.js, while the non-blockchain backend utilized a No-SQL database for data storage and serverless technologies, such as Firebase functions.

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Front-end development

Front-end development played a pivotal role in delivering an engaging and seamless user experience. The primary objective was to create an intuitive interface that allowed users to effortlessly interact with their NFTs, mint new NFTs, and manage their ACC tokens. By leveraging the capabilities of React Native, the development team ensured that the application maintained a consistent look and feel across different devices, including iOS and Android platforms.

Collaborating closely with Ecat's in-house UX/UI team, the front-end developers employed design principles and best practices to create an application that aligned with Aderlo's design language. Attention was given to details such as navigation, button placement, color schemes, and typography. This resulted in a user-centric design that prioritized usability and facilitated smooth user interactions. Furthermore, the front-end team tackled the challenge of integrating smartphone camera functionality to allow users to photograph their items for NFT minting. During testing, we discovered that users with default front-facing cameras experienced discomfort, which led to the swift implementation of a 'switch camera' button.

Back-end development

The back-end team used Node.js to develop the smart contracts that power the Dayvidende token. Node.js is well-suited for building real-time and high-performance applications, making it an ideal choice for blockchain development. The use of Node.js allowed for efficient processing of blockchain transactions and enabled the development of complex features such as dynamic gas fees.

To ensure that the website and token were fully functional, several APIs were integrated into the project. For instance, the team integrated a cryptocurrency price API to enable real-time price tracking of the Dayvidende token. The team also integrated an Binance node API to allow for seamless interaction with the Binance blockchain. Additionally, the team integrated a payment gateway API to enable users to purchase the Dayvidende token directly from the website.

What we delivered

Parlour Development delivered the whole Aderlo NFT application, coding and designing it from scratch. Of course, we put the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We were also responsible for designing, coding and testing the Aderlo Cashback Coin Token (ACC). Last part of the project was creating a landing page for people who wanted to buy ACC outside of the Aderlo NFT app.


Aderlo NFT project exemplifies the power of collaboration and the successful integration of blockchain technology into the e-commerce landscape. Through the innovative application of NFTs and the creation of the Aderlo Cashback Coin, Ecat has demonstrated its commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging technologies. The end result is a user-friendly and engaging platform that has driven significant growth in sales and customer satisfaction. As Ecat continues to explore new ways to enhance its marketplace, the Aderlo NFT initiative serves as a shining example of harnessing technology to create value for both businesses and consumers.

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kasia mecinski

Kasia Mecinski

Co-founder & CEO at TOFU Media

Parlour Development's team is not only knowledgeable and skilled in their field, but also dedicated and responsive to their clients. They take the time to understand our needs and goals to ensure that the final product meets and exceeds our expectations.

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thomas kamynski

Thomas Kamynski

CEO at XVR Project System

Working with Parlour Development was a fantastic experience. They delivered an exceptional product, and were always available to answer our questions. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for blockchain development.

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jakub kobosko

Jakub Kobosko

CEO at Planetary Partyverse

Given that we really were low on time, we decided to contact Parlour. Everything that the project consisted of, from legal process to actual development, was delivered extremely swiftly. Collaborating with such a team always brings results.

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grzegorz ciupek

Gregory Ciupek

CEO at ECAT eCommerce

Parlour not only developed our product, but also helped us understand different approaches to launching an NFT app. I am looking forward to working with them again!

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Everything that the project consisted of, from legal process to actual development,
was delivered extremaly swiftly

Jakub Kobosko

CEO at Planetary Partyverse

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How Parlour helped us generate $250 000 from token presale

I made the decision to finance the further development of Aderlo marketplace using a dedicated token. Parlour was the contractor that walked us through the process, from designing tokenomics to a successful launch on Binance Smart Chain.

They are experts in this field and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to launch a cryptocurrency token. I mostly appreciate their success-oriented approach. When they decided to work with us, they were fully commited to making the launch an unquestionable success.
Together, we managed to raise $250 000 in just 30 days.

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Gregory Ciupek

CEO at ECAT eCommerce

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